Code of Conduct

Acknowledgement of Code of Conduct
  • Welcome to Zuellig Pharma Sdn Bhd E-Learning web page for our Code of Conduct and Compliance Program.

    In every country in which we operate, all Zuellig Pharma persons are required to understand and to comply with our Code of Conduct and our compliance policies and procedures. This is a compulsory requirement to ensure every employee upholds the highest ethical and operating standards in all aspects of our business.

    This webpage is designed for you to study Zuellig Pharma’s Code of Conduct and to meet the above –mentioned requirement.

    The course of our Code of Conduct and Compliance Program includes 8 lessons. Click on the bolded title “Code of Conduct and Compliance Program “ on top left of this page to access these lessons. After each lesson, there is a test with 5 random questions. It is no time limit for you to answer these questions. If you answer correctly at least 4 questions, you pass that lesson. If not, you have to take the test again. You pass the course after you studied and passed all 8 lessons and tests.

    Your studying history and test results will be saved automatically. If you have to log out while studying, at your next log in, you are able to continue from your last completed lesson / test. You can also review your test results by clicking on "Course administration / Grades" on the left.

    Your final result of the course is the combination of the latest test results of each of 8 tests. Within the period of time of the course, you can take the tests as many times as you wish in order to get your best score.

    Enjoy studying! We wish you succeed!

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